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Hypno -Weight Loss Clinic with Rue Asher Weight loss Hypnotherapy for Lewes and East Sussex effective weight loss using the power of hypnosis

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Treatment & Fees. hypnosis

Treatment & Fees

Lasting approximately 20-30 minutes, your Free Consultation, is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have regarding my three weight loss programs. This initial consultation also allows me the opportunity to gather information relating to any present or past health issues you may have, in order to assess whether you would make a suitable candidate for one of the treatment programs. If we feel we are both happy to proceed we can begin the first session of The Hypno-Weight Loss, The Virtual Gastric Band Program or Sugar Detox Program.

*The following treatment programs are also offered via SKYPE or ZOOM (excluding the Virtual Gastric Band Program)

Hypnosis via Skype or Zoom:

A free initial consultation is offered via phone

What are the benefits of online hypnosis?
You're able to remain in the comfort of your own home - all you need is a good internet connection.
More flexibility regarding times of day for your treatment - later or earlier appointments may more easily be accommodated.
It doesn't matter where in the UK you are, you can still receive powerful effective treatment.

Is Virtual Hypnosis as Effective?
It can be an exciting new way to experience powerful effective hypnosis. Of course as with any form of therapy it requires a level of commitment on your part and indeed hypnosis or virtual hypnosis is no different.
In my experience this method of delivering therapy can be just as effective, as long as certain technical requirements are set in place before treatment begins. Of course I will cover everything you need to know before we proceed.

Treatment Plan
The purpose of the free phone consultation is to get to know each other a little, to answer any further questions or concerns and to ensure you would make a suitable candidate for this style of treatment. If you then decide to proceed, I shall email you my terms and conditions, an information form for you to fill in and a list of technical requirements - to ensure our sessions together run smoothly.

After you've booked and paid online for your first session or program, we're then ready to get started. If you're unfamiliar with Skype, I ask that you take a little time to get acquainted with it and its various features prior to your session.
Our first session will consist of getting comfortable with the style of communication. I may ask you some further questions and as with all of my treatment packages we end with a relaxing motivating induction to start the process of change.

*Online payment is required immediately after booking a session or program

Treatment & Fees. girl2

Three weight loss programs to choose from:

The Hypno-Weight Loss Program: £225 (plus £10 per weekend appointment or appointments weekdays after 7pm)

Included in the fee:
Three intensive one-to-one sessions lasting approximately 1½ hours each

All support materiall including: folder; nutritional information guide; CD or Mp3's - to help reinforce the work we have done

Full body composition analysis to track your progress

I use the latest Bose noise cancelling technology to encourage deep undisturbed relaxation

The Program:
Your treatment plan will be individually tailored to your specific needs. This program also follows a guided structure incorporating: solution focused motivation strategies, cognitive behavioural therapeutic approach (CBT), and powerful clinical hypnosis.
Throughout your treatment we will explore the idea of 'emotional eating' and eating as a coping mechanism for stress and look at effective methods to combat this, should this be an issue for you.

On-going Support for Your Weight Loss:
Further optional sessions are available on request in order to keep you on track and motivated, and to make any adjustments where necessary. These sessions are charged at £45 per 1 hour session.

*Full payment is due at the end of the first session, cash or cheque is preferred, however I also accept card payments

Treatment & Fees. man

The Virtual Gastric Band Program: £330 (plus £10 per weekend appointment or appointments weekdays after 7pm)

Included in the fee:

Four one-to-one sessions lasting approximately up to 1 ½ hours each (the first session may take a little longer)

All supporting material including: folder; nutritional information guide; CD or Mp3's - to help reinforce the work we have done.

The Program:
Designed for people who find it difficult to lose weight by themselves, the virtual gastric band is a method that makes use of the conscious and unconscious parts of your mind without the risks associated with undergoing a surgical procedure. Whilst individually tailored to your needs, this program follows a simple guided structure including:

The effective use of gastric band hypnosis
A solution focused therapeutic approach, CBT, and clinical hypnosis to maximise results
Mindful healthy eating and exercise information and plans
Exploring the concept of 'emotional & addictive eating' and the possible implications of stress leading to weight gain

Treatment Plan:
In Session One a full dietary medical history will be taken, any weight loss methods you have already tried and your attitude towards food in general. Together we will set your personal weight target and you will gently be introduced to hypnosis and experience the pleasant sense of relaxation and calmness associated with this state. Your journey towards losing weight starts here.
During Session Two will be your first encounter with the Virtual Gastric Band and we will begin the process of fitting your band.
In Session Three your band will be fitted and adjusted.
In Session Four all the different components of the treatment program will be reinforced and any adjustments to your band will be made.

*Full payment is due at the end of the first session, cash or cheque is preferred, however I also accept card payments

Sugar Detox Program: £160 (plus £10 per weekend appointment or appointments weekdays after 7pm )

This is a intensive Two Session Program, for people who know exactly what their problem is - excess consumption of refined sugar - whether in the form of sugary snacks; white carbohydrate including bread, pastry, white rice and pasta and carbonated soft drinks. It can be extremely useful for people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It is also beneficial for individuals who are not excessively overweight.

Treatment Plan:
I will send you a form to fill in prior to your appointment and for you to bring along to the session.

Starting with an informal chat this is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions in order to make sure you are comfortable with the process. At a certain point I will ask whether you are happy to proceed and of course if you decide not to go ahead for any reason, you are free to leave without charge and likewise if I feel you are not a suitable candidate.

If we are both happy to continue your first session starts with a full body composition analysis (this is optional of course) and bare feet are required for an accurate reading. This will calculate the % of fat in your body, your visceral fat level (the dangerous fat located around your middle area) and your metabolic age. You will receive all this data along with an explanation of each reading in a handout for you to keep.

During the course of the two session program I will explain how our body stores excess sugar as fat and why certain people can become ‘addicted’ to the chemical composition of certain sugary foods and drinks. I will offer some simple practical guidelines for you to follow in order to smooth the journey of significantly reducing or eliminating refined unhealthy sugar from your diet.

Two powerful hypnotic inductions are included, ‘programming in’ all we have discussed and agreed upon and ‘programming out’ any old unwanted habitual patterns of behaviour. We will also target certain problem foods specific to you.

At the end of your second session you will take away, along with the relevant handouts, a CD/mp3's to be regularly listened to. I encourage all my clients to keep me informed of their progress.

*Full payment is due at the end of the first session, cash or cheque is preferred, however I also accept card payments

Individual Sessions: £60 per 1 hour treatment (plus £10 per weekend appointment or appointments weekdays after 7pm).

A free consultation is offered via phone

These new individual sessions are a great option if you would prefer to book each session individually. We work at your pace and each session is tailored towards moving you further forwards, towards your goal or target weight. Our first session is where I’ll take a full case history; we can look at your body composition analysis and end with a relaxing induction to start the process off. During the course of your treatment we will be using -

Treatment Plan
Powerful Hypnosis. At each session we decide on anything that needs to be addressed and included in the induction. For example we may need to focus on reducing portion sizes, to stop unhealthy snacking or investigate emotional eating.
NLP and other coaching techniques can be very effective in helping with unconscious eating patterns and increasing motivation to keep you on track.

Full Body Composition Analysis I shall give you a chart to keep. Recording any changes during the course of your treatment in fat %, metabolic age and visceral fat levels can be very motivating. You can request full body composition analysis at any point during our work together you wish.

Sound Cancelling Technology I use the latest sound equipment enabling a deep level of relaxation and to ensure you‘re never disturbed by any outside noise.

Dietary advice may be offered where appropriate. Although I am not a trained Nutritionist I have a substantial amount of knowledge in this area, I can therefore offer tips and advice on which foods may be useful to include in your diet for example to balance blood sugar and stop any hunger pangs.

It’s worth noting that with all my programs and individual sessions I offer a psychological approach to weight loss and we work together on the basis that when the mind is set, in the right place and wholly motivated - unless there is a physiological reason why – you should be able to lose weight.

Full payment is due at the end of each session, cash or cheque is preferred, however I also accept card payments

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For weight loss hypnotherapy and hypno band hypnosis in Lewes, Brighton and the surrounding East Sussex area including Burgess Hill, Uckfield, Haywards Heath & East bourne

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